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Aircraft: Service Tracking

Service Tracking can collect pre-set information like, oil and fuel details, or custom values when a Reservation is checked in.   Enable at Manage > Aircraft > Service Tracking

By default Oil Remaining, Oil Added, Fuel Remaining, and Fuel Added will show and cannot be removed.  You can add others via the + Service Tracker button.  You can drag+drop to set the sort order.

Get Started…

To enable, select aircraft the tracker should apply to by tapping in the Aircraft column and choosing 1 or more, or All aircraft.

When you check in aircraft, all users will have a new step to input values:

When Dispatching a Reservation, clicking “Service Tracker” will show recent events logged for quick reference.

From the schedule, click the aircraft label link to show the Profile page for the aircraft.  Here you can see the recent events logged, or add a new manual entry.  For Add Entry, note the direct URL you could bookmark for fast access.

Administrative users can edit past entries.

See the Aircraft Report for total oil and fuel consumption by aircraft in the date range: Reports > Aircraft.