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Users Settings

Custom Fields Tab 

You can add a Custom Field for users accounts. Manage > User Settings > Custom Fields Tab.

  • You’ll create a Field Name and Field Type. Field Name can be Primary Instructor, for example. Field Type can be: Text, Date, or Yes/No. If Date is selected an expired option will appear.
  • Select if you want it to show on Dispatch
  • Select if you want it Group specific

Email Notification (Expired): 30 days before set expiration date, an email will be sent to the user and the FBO reply-to email that the date is expiring in 30 days.

If you choose to show on Dispatch. This facilitates customers information, per user, that you might want to review during dispatch.

Drag+drop to re-order the list while in this tab.

In Manage > Users > Select User > More Tab. You will now see those variables customized for that user.

  • Custom Fields that show on dispatch will NOT show if they have empty values


Allow Users to Self-Register
When on (default), any user in Flight Circle can find your Organization and request access.  If you do not want users to discover you, you can set this to No in Users Settings.
When a user requests access, the Super Administrator will receive an email notification to Approve their access.  You can also see a list of pending users at Manage > Users > Pending (via the Approved dropdown)

Users can update their basic contact details

When enabled, profile information the user sets (name, address, phone, date of birth, and emergency contact details), will be copied to your Organization’s own contact record for the user.  This reduces admin time, and likely will provide the most up-to-date details, as users frequently update their own information.

Enable at Manage > Users Settings > “Users can update their basic contact details”

Users can update their own details from their Name menu at the top right > Settings > Personal Information

If information is updated, once a day super-administrators will receive an email summary of all changes, showing the previous and new information so you can audit.

Updates will only occur for users that are Approved.  If a user abuses the feature, simply delete them to remove their access.

If information is left blank by the user, but completed by the Organization, the information will not be overwritten with empty values.

TIP: After enabling, use Messages to send a mass email to all users asking them to update their details. =)

Share basic contact details with all users

When enabled, approved basic users can see the name, telephone number, and email for each user in that Organization. No other information will be shared.

Users can “opt out” of this feature by going to their Name menu at the top right > Settings > My Associations. Here, they can Edit and un-check “Share my personal information with this organization.”

Allow user access to their Pilot profile: Off / Read – Only / Update. 

Enable at Manage > Users Settings.

Read – Only: To ensure pilot information (eg. medical, flight review, certificate, etc) is current, while maintaining security and integrity of the information, you can allow basic users to review their own record, as you have it set.  They can alert you of outdated or incorrect information, but cannot change it themselves

Update: Users can make changes to all values except TSA and Aircraft Checkouts.

Users can view their record from their Name menu at the top right > My Account > Pilot (tab).  If more than 1 Organization association exists, switch to that Organization first.