RECOMMENDED ROUTE | Aptos - Moss Landing - Monterey - Carmel - Outter Monterey Bay

Approximate Flight Time  |  60 minutes

# of Passengers  | 1-3    


The booking system will notify you if the max weights are exceeded based on the weights you enter for each passenger. Max single passenger weight is up to 300 lbs. or a combined seating of all passengers of 560 pounds. The Smaller 1 photographer helicopter (R22) has a max seat weight of 220 lbs. if you and your gear weigh more than 220 lbs, please contact our office before booking here.

Please note: The required passenger information you enter here will be verified during check-in prior to the flight. At least 1 passenger for each group must be over 18 years old and bring a valid form of ID that matches the information you provide. We can only accept Government-issued ID's (Passport, Drivers license,  State ID card, etc.). for a complete list of valid ID's, please contact our office.

All loose items must be secured, no loose shoes or sandals, purses, backpacks, long hair should be tied back, no hats,

Cell phones and cameras require lanyards (we have rentals available if needed - $5)

At the time of check-in, you will be weighed, checked physically for loose items and offered any loose item options available depending on circumstances.

All passengers get their own seat and open door position, any person can choose to have a door put back on for their seat prior to departure if they change their mind at the time of check-in.

In the event you choose not to fly, are unable to fly due to loose items or any other personal issue or concern, become uncomfortable with doors off flight (after the briefing, some people change their mind), no refund is available.

FLIGHT RESTRICTIONS: The FAA and our fly neighborly policy have limitations to our flight path and altitudes. We are unable to loiter for more than 2 loops at any location or fly lower than 600' over any building, structure, or populated areas. Our photo experiences give you the best of what a helicopter can legally and safely offer. If you have questions or require a unique flight, just call or message, and one of our pilots will go over details and answer any questions.

Cancellation or date/time change Policy:

* Weather, ATC, FAA, or other unexpected delays or cancellations from our end are not subject to cancellation fees. If you arrive willing and able and we just can't fly, you will receive a full refund.

* More than 3 days notice - Customer cancellations received (must be validated by a real human) more than 72 hours from departure time receive a full refund.

* Less than 3 days notice - Customer cancellations or changes (must be validated by a real human) with less than 72 hours notice from time of departure receive a refund less $100 cancelation fee.

* "Oops, I forgot my appointment or can't make it"- No-refund for no-show or late arrivals past 10 minutes from the time of departure.

* "I just booked and need to cancel" - If you made your booking less than 72 hours from departure time and cancel within 24 hours of making that reservation, a full refund will be issued or full credit given to a re-schedule.

Booking Agents:
The Specialized Helicopters booking agents are trained to answer almost all of your questions, please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. It is our job to make this a great experience and we strive to accomplish this and provide complete satisfaction.


The FAA and TSA require that we check all carry-on luggage in accordance with Federal regulations. Please be aware of these limitations to what you can and can not carry on our aircraft. Any items found to be in violation will need to be removed from your person and luggage prior to boarding.

For a complete and current list of items that you can and can not carry please visit these two websites -

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If your flight was less than what we promised and everyone on the flight truly felt that this was less than what was offered in our advertising, we are happy to refund the ticket price for each passenger that fills out our simple customer Satisfaction form.

This Guarantee is not valid in the event you or any of your passengers experience motion sickness or any issues that arise outside of our control such as camera malfunctions, motion sickness, poor photography conditions, air traffic delays, flight restrictions on altitudes, limitations on loiter time in specific areas or other flight route limitations. If you have any questions about our flight restrictions and limitations to each flight, be sure to ask before booking.

Add 30 min Photo Ultimate - Monterey


After Hours Fee




From $395

(Price Per Person)

Passengers must be 18 years or older for doors off flights. 

*Any after hours flights are an additional $150
If booking after hours please select "This is a gift, schedule later" and call for scheduling options 

Within 24 hours prior, please call +1 (831) 763-2244 for availability.

You must enter a passenger first.

Times listed are standard departure times. We can customize any flight. Please call +1 (831) 763-2244 if your desired time is not shown.

Choose a date above to see available times.

We collect passenger information in order to comply with FAA regulations.


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