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(Price shown per person, must purchase 3 tickets at $147 minimum per flight)


Route | Watsonville

Flight Time  |  ~10 minutes

# of Passengers  | 1-3
(Weight restrictions apply. The booking system will notify you if max weights are exceeded)

Within 24 hours prior, please call 831-763-2244 for availability.

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Jump on board the Monterey Bay's most thrilling, best-priced ride!

Thrill seekers of all ages will love the smooth comfortable ride from the Watsonville airport, up to high atop the Monterey Bay and back. This 5-7 minute ride offers a view of the world only available from a helicopter.

Drop-ins welcome but space is limited so advanced booking is strongly recommended to ensure a seat. These tours are extremely popular and fill up fast!

PARTY PACK- If you have a group of 9 or more people, we can work with you to accommodate this exciting group activity. Advanced booking required for the Party Pack.


  • Price is $49 per person ($147 per flight, maximum of 3 passengers)
  • No Person over 290 pounds or any combined group of more than 600 pounds allowed do to FAA regulations
  • Available only on  Saturday from 12:00-1:00

    Cancellation or date/time change Policy:

    * Weather, ATC, FAA or other unexpected delays or cancellations from our end are not subject to cancellation fees. If you arrive willing and able and we just can't fly, there will be no charges to you and you will receive a full refund or credit.

    * More than 3 days notice - Customer cancellations received (must be validated by a real human) more than 72 hours from departure time receive a full refund.

    * Less than 3 days notice - Customer cancellations or changes (must be validated by a real human) with less than 72 hours notice from time of departure receive a refund less $100 cancelation fee.

    * "Oops, I forgot my appointment or can't make it"- No-refund for no-show or late arrivals past 10 minutes from the time of departure.

    * "I just booked and need to cancel" - If you made your booking less than 72 hours from departure time and cancel within 24 hours of making that reservation, a full refund will be issued or full credit given to a re-schedule.


    The FAA and TSA require that we check all carry on bags and luggage in accordance with Federal regulations. Please be aware of these limitations to what you can and can not carry on our aircraft. Any items found to be in violation will need to be removed from your person and luggage prior to boarding.

    For a complete and current list of items that you can and can not carry please visit these two websites -
    TSA -