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The next step is to schedule your tour!

This will include a meeting with one of our Certified Flight Instructors. During this tour we'll show you our facilities, show you our aircraft, and discuss your pilot goals. In addition, we'll go through the process of obtaining your pilots license (or the license/rating you are seeking) and answer any questions you may have.

The tour includes

  • Meeting with a Certified Flight Instructor to discuss the training process and ask questions
  • A tour of our facility
  • Check out our available aircraft

(Aircraft may be unavailable if they are all out flying.)

If you would like to also take a discovery flight please let your instructor know!

Discovery Flights Cost Approximately $169 and are optional.

To schedule your Tour do the following:

1.) Add number of passengers (This is the number of people interested in flying (The system requires at least one passenger even if you are not taking the discovery flight.)

2.) Select the date you would like the tour. 

3.) Select the time you would like the tour. 

4.) Under Passengers enter your first and last name, age and weight, then click "Add Passenger".

5.) Click "Order Summary"

6.) Enter Billing Information. 

7.) Use Coupon Code PAYLATER (ALL CAPS). The tour and meeting with a CFI is free, if you decide to take a discovery flight the cost is approximately $169.

8.) Click Place Order.

Within 24 hours prior, please call +1 (515) 650-5558 for availability.

You must enter a passenger first.

Times listed are standard departure times. We can customize any flight. Please call +1 (515) 650-5558 if your desired time is not shown.

Choose a date above to see available times.

We collect passenger information in order to comply with FAA regulations.


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