Depart from the Jackson Hole Airport heading south along the braided channels of the Snake River. Gain altitude over the famous ski areas of Jackson before turning west to fly over Teton Pass and into Idaho. Next, you will fly along the rocky spine of the Grand Tetons, looking down on the most iconic mountain range in North America. Learn first hand why the crystalline peaks below are known as the Cathedral Group and why the 3 tallest peaks were affectionately dubbed “Les Trois Tetons” by early fur trappers.

Fly north past Mt. Moran for a birds eye view of the glittering alpine lakes that grace the mouth of each canyon. As you circle back, enjoy the finer details; watch the play of shadows on the canyon walls, spot the distant veils of cascades and waterfalls, and keep your eyes peeled for wildlife grazing the valley meadows. Throughout the flight, your pilot and guide will share the legendary natural and cultural history of the area.


Flight Time  |  60 minutes
Cost  |  $295 / adult,  $195 / child 12 & under ($1475 private plane) + 5 percent Jackson Hole Airport Use Fee on all flights
Plane Description: Cessna T207A
Minimum # of Passengers  |  1
Maximum # of Passengers  |  7 (depending on weight)
Flight Departure Times  |  8:00 am , 10:00 am, 12:00 pm, 2:00 pm, 4:00pm

From $295.00

Fly along the beautiful Snake River before crossing over the Tetons to soar along the tallest peaks in the range.  Escape into glittering alpine lakes, distant waterfalls and wild canyons.

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