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30 Minute Ground Lesson.

            60 Minute Flight Instruction.

                               15 Minute Flight debrief.

When it comes to pilot training dreams that go sky-high, there’s no better place than New York to learn how to fly!

  • Learn from an FAA certified flight instructor 
  • Take to the skies, seated at the controls of a Piper PA-28.
  • Practice basic flight maneuvers as you marvel at the Atlantic coast
  • No prior flight training is necessary to enjoy this Learn To Fly experience on Long Island!

Have you ever dreamed of sitting in the pilot's seat of an airplane and soaring over the landscape below? 

This Learn to Fly experience in New York is the experience for you!

After your safety briefing, you'll climb into the pilot's seat of a Piper PA-28 and prepare for take-off. 

Your knowledgeable, experienced instructor will take you through the pre-flight inspection and prepare the plane for take-off.

Next it's time to take off and enjoy the wonderful sensation of flight.

With a certified flight instructor by your side in a meticulously prepared Piper PA-28, you will learn the art of flight over the breathtaking landscape unique to New York.

After an exhilarating flight, you will land safely back on earth. 

This is wonderful and unique experience that is sure to be remembered for a lifetime!!!