Learn to Fly Scholarships: The Always Up-to-Date Guide

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Below is a list of Learn to Fly or aviation related scholarships available with their associated details and requirements.

We will maintain this list as an ever-current resource of up-to-date information.

Entry Deadline Date Amount Awards Organization Major Requirements Link
January 31 Private Pilot 1 LeRoy W. Homer Jr. Foundation Age: 16-23 More Info
January 31 First Solo 1 Flying Musicians Association Nominated Band Member More Info
February 15 Sport Pilot 1 Able Flight Clinically Disabled More Info
March 15 $4,500 3 iWOAW Female only, other More Info
March 31 $1,000+ 1 SandraFoundation More Info
April 1 $2,500 5 Alaska Airmen Intend to work in AK More Info
April 11 $35,000 2 Aerosim High School Senior More Info
April 15 $2,000 4 GAMA Scholarships More Info
April 15? $1,000 4 GlobalAir In College More Info
April 30 $1,000 1 Cessna 170 Association Pt/Ft Student More Info
(May?) unspecified 1 Women in Corporate Aviation More Info
May 31 $1,500 1 Ben Wiplinger Memorial Seaplane Rating More Info
July 1 $1,000-$5,000 5 Commemorative Air Force Wings Over Houston Airshow In College More Info
July 16 $2,500-$5,000 2 Aero Club of Southern California High School/College Student More Info
May 2 $5,000 20 AOPA Age 13-18 More Info
May 2 $2,500+ 20 AOPA AOPA Member More Info
May 2 $3,000+ 20 AOPA Private Pilot + AOPA Member More Info
September 30 $1,995 2 Ladies Love Taildraggers Female only More Info
November 2 $10,000+ 10+ Women in Aviation Membership More Info
Various $5,000+ 5+ The Ninety-Nines Various More Info
Various $10,000+ 5+ EAA Various More Info
Various $10,000 10+ NBAA Various More Info
unspecified unspecified 1 Upwind In High School More Info
Up to 100% 1 VA Benefit Veteran More Info

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