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Card Swiper


If you would like to order a card swiper please let us know. Click here to view the one we send.

For your card reader, it is important to use double sided tape or velcro tape to attach the swiper to the side of a monitor or desk.  It is cumbersome to have to use 2 hands to hold and swipe.  If attached to something, it is easy to use.  There is nothing to install and should just work when you plug in the USB to Windows or Mac

Does that card swiper work with a phone? 

Not yet, but we will be adding this, contactless (eg. Apple Pay), and EMV/Chip.

One option now with the phone is, if using iOS and Safari, you can tap in the credit card number field, then tap camera, and it will read in the numbers automatically.

Additionally, if you store cards on files, you won’t need to re-enter them.  Just select the card for easy re-use anytime.