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Schedule Settings


Scheduling Restrictions: 

Go to Manage > Schedule Settings > Scheduling Restrictions.  Here you can add a new restriction like, Aircraft Checkout (see the other various restrictions here like, by balance, flight review, medical, total reservations, multi day, etc).  Note also these can be except if an instructor is on the reservation.

Aircraft Checkout restriction, a user must be checked out in the aircraft to schedule it.  To add an aircraft checkout go to Manage > Users > (click one) > Pilot (tab) > Aircraft Check-Outs.

Specific Days. If you need to restrict users from scheduling on certain days. For instance, if your Organization is closed on Wednesdays you could select that.

Only these group members can schedule. This restriction will not allow those group members to make reservations for other users. This is strictly for their own reservations.

Aircraft Checkout – For Instructor.  To restrict scheduling instructors that are not checked out in an aircraft.  See Manage > Schedule Settings > Schedule Restrictions > + New Restriction. 

Valid Card on File. A user will need to have a valid credit card saved on file before they can make a reservation.

Minimum and Maximum Time Reserved. You can add the minimum time a user can reserve the plane. You can also set a maximum time a user can reserve the plane.

Aircraft Checkout for Instructors. When this restriction is set the instructor reserved for the flight must be checked out in the aircraft selected

Local Flight Review Expiration:  Once you have this Scheduling Restriction set, scroll down on the page and find: Require Local Flight Review every x days. Add in a number for x. You will find Last Local Flight Review under Currency in each individuals Pilot tab. If you would like the system to automatically populate that date from the last time they flew send us an email or call us and we can turn that on for you on the back end.

File Categories: Allow users to fly if they have specific file(s) uploaded to a Category. To add a Category go to: Manage > Users (select any user) > Files Tab > Add File (if none) or Options > Edit > Add Category. Upload the file(s) to the Category. Once you create the Categories you will see them populating as a Scheduling Restriction option.

Affirmation Message 

On dispatch, the user will be required to check a box affirming the custom message you set. Example: Weight and Balance Sign-off, NOTAMS, TFRs and weather have been verified.

Reservation Types and Colors 

You may optionally create new reservation types and assign them unique colors. Use the drop downs to assign access by groups to specific reservation types. Note: administrators and instructors have access to ALL reservation types.