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To create your own Flight Circle account, contact your primary aviation Organization and provide an administrator with your name and email address. Be careful to provide the administrator with the correct spelling of your email address since this will be the primary way that your account will be identified going forward and will be where each of your messages and account notifications are sent.

Your Organization’s administrator may ask for optional personal details when setting up your account for the first time, including your phone number, mailing address, emergency contact info, or payment information. Basic contact information may be shared with other Users in your Organization depending on the Organization’s Share Setting and will always be available to any Organization’s Administrators and Flight Instructors. For more information, visit the Privacy page.

Once your account has been created, a unique link will be sent to your email address on file to Verify Your Address. Until your address is verified, you will be unable to view your Organization’s schedule. If you have not received or are no longer able to find your Email Verification link, you may request a new Verification Link my emailing support@flightcircle.com.

If you wish to create a Flight Circle account without Associating with an Organization, please follow this link. Once your account is created, you may follow these steps to join a publicly shared Organization:

  1. While logged into FlightCircle.com, click on your name at the top right of the web page, then navigate to Settings > Account Associations.
  2. Using the Search field, enter the first few characters of the name of your Organization. When the name appears in drop-down list, select your preferred Organization and click “Add” to send an Association request to the school or club Administrator.
    • Note: If your Organization is listed as Private, it will not appear in search. You must contact your Organization’s administrator directly to be added.
  3. A request is sent to the Organization to approve you.  Once approved, you will get a welcome email and your access to the Organization’s schedule will be unlocked.

As you progress in your aviation journey, you may wish to become part of multiple flight Organizations. Flight Circle permits an account to have more than one Association and to quickly and easily switch between Organizations. You can learn more about Multiple Associations here.