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Dispatch and Check In

Steps below will only work if the Organization you fly at allows self dispatch and check in.

Before you fly

  1. Click your Reservation and choose Dispatch. This will show summary information you should review before you fly, including but not limited to, maintenance status and open squawks.  This also updates the status and color of your Reservations so others know the aircraft is away.

After you fly

  1. Click your Reservation again and choose Check In.
  2. Enter your new hobbs and/or tach values and choose Next.
  3. If your Organization allows credit card payments, you can enter your credit card details, or choose from a card on file.
  4. Choose Finish to finalize and show your Receipt.


  1. Some complete the steps above right from the aircraft using their phone.  Easy and done.
  2. Use the Notes tab during check in to indicate training notes, remaining fuel, oil or fuel added, etc.  Others can mouse over or tap a previous Reservation to see your public notes  (Administrators will also see this on the Reservation Notes report).
  3. Use the Squawks tab (if allowed by your Organization) to add new Squawks for the aircraft.