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My Assocations

Your name menu at the top right > Settings > My Associations

Here you can link your account to 1 or more different organizations that use Flight Circle.

Use the search box to find a new Organization.  When you choose Add, that organization will get a notification to approve or decline your request.  Please wait to an approval notification or contact them directly for approval.

If you are are linked with more than one Organization, you can switch between them using your name menu at the top right.  The list will show each Organization and you can choose another.  This setting will not appear unless you are linked to more than 1.

You can set which Organization shows when you first login to Flight Circle.  Use Options > Edit next to the row for an Organization and check “Make this my primary organization.” and save.

Options > Edit – each setting defined:

  1. Share my personal information with this organization – when checked (default) IF the Member director is enabled, your name, phone, and email will be shared with other approved basic users in that Organization.  This is typically only used by small groups or flying clubs.
  2. Share my name with other users on the schedule – when checked (default), other basic users will see your name on your schedule reservation(s).  When unchecked, your reservation will appear, but the name will only say “Reserved”.  Administrators from that organization can always see your name.
  3. Subscribe to messages – if you accidentally unsubscribed yourself from emails you can subscribe again here. Keep in mind, it is Organization specific.