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Schedule Settings

Time Format on the schedule 

See your name menu at the top right > Settings > Schedule Settings.  Check box “Use 12 hour clock” and save. This is a per user setting.

Multiple Viewing Options
When viewing the schedule, you can choose from various viewing options.  Click the Views button near the upper right and choose from Split Vertical, Split Horizontal, Month, Week, Day, Day List, or My Reservations

Default Schedule View
You can set your default view.  Go to your Name menu at the top right > Settings > Schedule Settings.  Here you set default for both standard, and mobile.

Calendar Subscription (iCal / ICS)
Automatically sync your Reservations to your personal calendar application like, Google Calendar, Mac Calendar, Outlook, iOS, Android, etc.

  1. Name menu top right > Settings > Schedule Settings > Calendar Subscription: Check the box to enable the service for your user.
  2. A unique URL will be shown.  Highlight and copy this link.
  3. Open your calendar application and add a “Subscription” calendar.  Paste your custom link.  Here are a few details about each calendar:
    1. Mac Calendar:  File > New Calendar Subscription.  You can set the refresh rate from 15min or greater.
    2. iPhone / iOS 12: Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Add Account > Other > Add Subscribed Calendar.
    3. Google CalendarCalendar Setting > Add calendar > From URL (direct link).  Google updates may occur up to every 12 hours.
  • Note:  Your subscription URL will automatically disable if you do not login at least once every 3 months.
  • Your ICS calendar feed URL only picks up reservations for yourself.  Maintenance Reservations will not show.
  • If you want to see the whole schedule with all the reservations you can request a public URL from us. By design, the public URL is intended for public use such as a website.  It shows ALL reservations.  For privacy reasons,  it does not show pilot names.