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Aircraft Rates

To add Aircraft Rates go to Manage > Aircraft > Select the desired aircraft > Rates Setup tab > +New Rate.

You have the option for Allowed and Default. You will need to select which Groups apply here, if not set to All. To add a new group go to Manage > Groups > +New Group. Click here for more information on Groups.

Make sure to apply the Instructors Group to Allowed if your instructors are checking-in users, that way they will be able to select the appropriate rates per user.

  • Administrators will see all the rates available for that aircraft while checking in a flight.

By default, you will see Non Revenue as a rate. You will not be able to delete this rate, just edit who is allowed to use it.  All administrators have access to Non Revenue.

TIP: Instructor ledger charge line shows “Flight:” or “Ground:”.  This allows flexibility to use the instructor rate labels to display any text you want to show here (eg. completely different services like “Pilot Services”, etc).