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To maximize the lowest rates possible:

  1. SWIPE the card whenever possible!  The lowest rate is achieved when using swipe or chip.
  2. All users should have an address on file.  If a transaction is not swiped, then you want to get an address (AVS) match to help prevent downgrading to a higher rate.  Do this by ensuring the billing address for the cardholder is on file.  Consider allowing users to update their own contact details to automatically populate addresses for all users (Manage > Users Settings).
  3. If able, encourage the use of debit cards, or basic credit cards.  Reward cards, cash back, airline point cards, etc, go through at higher rates.
  4. International cards may charge up to a 1% additional fee.
  5. Last, a card processed using only the card number and expiration date will most likely downgrade to a higher rate.

For more help, contact us for a rate review.