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Aircraft Profile Page

Aircraft Profile Page 

Manage > Aircraft > Select Aircraft.

Aircraft Report 

Share aircraft report with: Select users. This way these select users will be able to view aircraft specific reports and not all aircraft reports, if you have more than one.

You can also select: Send Maintenance Reminders and Squawks to these users. This way they will get aircraft specific Maintenance Reminds and Squawks, if you have more than one aircraft.

You now have the option to add a second engine as well as Tach 2 and TTAF. 

To use Tach for Billing instead of Hobbs select: Only use 1 meter for billing and maintenance. Note: set tach and hobbs to same value.

You will need to go to the Hours Log to make a manual entry to set the meters to the same value. To get to the Hours Log select Manage > Aircraft > Hours Log > +New Manual Entry.

Note: While making a New Manual Entry you will need to add the Type as well as a Note to save it.