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Getting Started

There are many benefits to accepting and running credit cards through your Flight Circle Account.

  • We have full POS and billing features that make it easy.
  • We have full accounting features like account balances, billing, credit card processing, taxes, etc.
  • We keep up with all charges: flight time, instruction, items sold, etc.
  • You can export all transactions from Flight Circle and import into any accounting software that has that option.
  • You can store credit cards on file for users, set up Auto Pay, users can self pay, sell discovery flights from your website, and more.

Are you currently accepting credit cards?

If yes, send us in a recent statement and we would be happy to get a cost comparison for you!

The bank we use has very competitive rates anywhere from 1.09% – 2.89% and $14.95/month. Flight Circle does not charge you anything extra for these features. To get started with credit card processing click here.