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Maintenance Reminders

Color bars for maintenance reminders indicate the remaining times/hours.  Yellow indicates 10% remaining or less.  Red indicates 2% remaining or less.

You can find them by selecting:

Manage > Aircraft > (click one) > Reminders.

Reports > Maintenance Reminders.

Dispatch reservation > Click Maintenance. 

Basic users are prevented from dispatching if expired maintenance reminders or new/pending squawks (in that status only).  If a specific maintenance reminder is not an airworthy issue, like ‘Wash Plane’, you can disable it from preventing dispatch by editing that reminder specifically.

You can do this at Manage > Aircraft > Reminders > Edit anyone of them and uncheck the box “If this reminder expires, prevent dispatch for basic users.”  Only admins can change this.  Admins, instructors, and any user in a Group with Maintenance = YES, will be able to override

Set custom time periods for email alerts for Maintenance Reminders: 

For Meter Based you can set percent and hours remaining and for Time Based you can set percent, days, and months remaining.