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Maintenance Reminders


Color bars for maintenance reminders indicate the remaining times/hours.  Yellow indicates 10% remaining or less.  Red indicates 2% remaining or less.

You can find them by selecting:

Manage > Aircraft > (click one) > Reminders.

Reports > Maintenance Reminders.

Dispatch reservation > Click Maintenance. 

Hours and Days Remaining also show.

Preventing Dispatch 

Basic users are prevented from dispatching if there are expired maintenance reminders and/or new/pending squawks (in that status only). Please let us know if you want us to turn off the feature for preventing dispatch for new/pending squawks.

At the bottom of the Reminder tab, you can toggle on or off Share Maintenance Reminders on Aircraft Profile.

If a specific maintenance reminder is not an airworthy issue, like ‘Wash Plane’, you can disable it from preventing dispatch by editing that reminder specifically and checking the Non-grounding box. Only admins can select this box. When checked, the schedule will not show color indicators for this aircraft reminder. Additionally, you can allow basic users to override Dispatch failures for non-grounding, via Schedule Settings.

Set custom time periods for email alerts for Maintenance Reminders: 

For Meter Based you can set percent and hours remaining and for Time Based you can set percent, days, and months remaining.

Maintenance Reminder emails show time remaining in the subject line for a quick glance