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What is the workflow if the tach/hobbs doesn’t match when checking in a flight?
By design, we default the OUT times. This is both convenient for the user for few entries, but also prevents many errors.  One of which is missed flights.  An administrator would have to review and make an adjustment.  Typically this means the last flight was not entered correctly and simply adjusting that:  go to the user’s account and use Options > Edit on the aircraft rental charge.  If the reason can’t be determined, a manual adjustment can be made. Manage > Aircraft > Options > Hours Log > + New Manual Entry

How do we charge Membership Dues?
First create an Item to sell at Manage > Items.  Eg.  “Membership Dues”.
For the member user, on their account, click Charge and choose this Item to sell.  Set Recurring to Monthly and the charge will be automatic each month.

Is there a way to add attachments when sending a message to all users?
Not directly yet.  To send an attachment, we suggest you use a file sharing service like Dropbox.  Add the file to your Dropbox, then copy the public link.  Paste this link in the message and everyone will have access to download the file.

Where can I see my sent messages? 

If you want to see your sent messages make sure to include yourself as a recipient in the emails you send.