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Files Tab

Allow users access to their own Files:

Manage > User Settings > Access to own Files.  You can set to OFF, View Only, Upload Only, View and Upload, and All Access. Click here to learn more.

In Groups, you can select User Files – No or Full Access. For instance, an instructor by default has access to Manage > Users where they can see Files for each user. In the Instructors Group you can select User Files – No to prevent them from seeing the user’s files while still granting them access to Manage > Users.

File Categories as Dispatch Checks: If you no longer need a Category, remove all the files from that Category and it will be deleted. You can use a File Category as a Dispatch Check. Once the category is created and file(s) have been uploaded in that category it will appear as a selection for a new Dispatch Check. You can add Dispatch Checks in your Schedule Settings.

File Categories as Scheduling Restrictions: Allow users to fly if they have specific file(s) uploaded to a Category. To add a Category go to: Manage > Users (select any user) > Files Tab > Add File (if none) or Options > Edit > Add Category. Upload the file(s) to the Category. Once you create the Categories you will see them populating as a Scheduling Restriction option.

Max File size upload is 25M

TIP:  Use your phone to upload files easily!  Just browse to any upload section on your phone or tablet, like Files, and choose upload, from Camera or Camera Roll.  Easy!