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Messages is a primary option on the top navigation bar.  System messages and messages from organizations are posted here.

You can post new messages to users by clicking + New Message at the upper right.  Select the user(s) you want to send to, enter the subject, and compose the message in the large box below.  Click Send and confirm.

When creating a new Message, you can send it by Recipients, Groups, or Aircraft Checkouts.

The message will be sent immediately via email, as well as posted in the users’ Messages in Flight Circle.

Note: Only active users will appear as selectable recipients

If you are associated with 2 or more Organizations use the Organization field to decipher which organization sent which message.

If a user is not showing up in the list of recipients while sending a message it is because they have unsubscribed. They can re-subscribe in their account by selecting their name in the far right corner > My Associations > Select Organization > Select box that reads: Subscribe to messages.

​You can enable individual Groups to send Messages. Manage > Groups > Options > Edit > Create Messages > Yes.

If you want to attach files to your Messages:

  1. Publish them to a public file sharing service like your website, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive.
  2. Include a link in your messages to the file so the user can download it.

How to Update MailChimp

Some prefer to use an outside email campaign software, like MailChimp (typically free), for more powerful email options.  You can update your contacts by exporting users via Reports > Users > Export (button). Then login to MailChimp and follow these steps:

  1. Click Audience at the top.
  2. To the far right, click the Manage Audience dropdown and choose Import Contacts.
  3. Select the CSV or tab-delimited.  Click Next.
  4. Browse and choose the file you download from the Users report in Flight Circle.  Click Next.
  5. !!! Click “Skip all” text link, then Next.