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To close a squawk that is found to be unsubstantiated..

Manage > Aircraft > Squawks. Verified, Acceptable as Noted, and Verified and Repaired will both close a squawk. Close with applicable notes.

To add a squawk..

Manage > Aircraft > Squawks > Create Squawk OR when checking in a flight … go to the schedule, click on the reservation, Check in > Squawks tab > New Squawk.

To acknowledge a squawk and change the status of it..

Manage > Aircraft > Squawks. Here you can change the status.

To edit a squawk.. 

Manage > Aircraft > Squawks > Click on the description > Edit the squawk, you’ll need to add to the action taken box to finalize the edit > Edit squawk.

Users View/Use 

In Groups, you will be able to add Squawks to the Reports Available. The users selected will be able to view and create Squawks by selecting Reports > Squawks.

Your basic users can also view Squawks by selecting the aircraft (off the schedule) > Squawks Tab.

If you find that your users cannot view the Squawks by selecting the aircraft (off the schedule) > Squawks Tab it may be that your HTML in the Notes / Description in the Aircraft Profile page needs to be adjusted, cleaned up, or removed. You can also ask your web developer, if you have one, to help with debugging your HTML. Keep in mind, copy/paste from Microsoft Word might be causing this issue.

Basic users are unable to dispatching if there are expired maintenance reminders or new/pending squawks (in that status only).