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Contracts/Block Time


Do you want to include flying credits in your membership dues or sell Block Time? First create your Item, once that Item is created select it and go to the Contract tab. In the Contracts tab select the box that says: Make Contract. Credits included is the total hours you are giving. $ 1 Credit Value is the hourly rate for the aircraft. Next, apply the contract into the users account. Manage > Users > Select the User > Charge > Select the Item > Apply Charge. 

Once the item has been applied to the user in their ledger or group, Contract will default for a payment method at the end of check in. There will then be an adjustment in their ledger, applying their Contract.

If the rate of the aircraft is higher than the value set it will take more credits from their contract credits.

If the rate of the aircraft is less than the value set it will provide the user with a $$ credit applied to their balance.

Click here to view the Contracts video.