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Hours Log

Manage > Aircraft > All Aircraft > Options > Hours Log

The Hours Log is a history log for past flights and maintenance entries. You can edit the meter times for the aircraft in the Hours Log as well as make edits to past entries.

For a New Manual Entry, you can choose a date and time. To change the time select on the time field box. To backdate an entry select on the date field box.

There are three types of entries you can choose in the Hours Log: Maintenance, Non Revenue, or Other. When flights are checked in from the schedule the type will automatically be Revenue unless Non Revnue was selected as the rate.

While making a New Manual Entry, make sure to add a hobbs and tach ending even if you are not making an adjustment to one of them. Add a + or – depending on what you would like to reflect for your adjustment. If you do not add  + or – a + will appear before the adjustment in the log.

The time stamped in the Hours Log from checkins is the ending reservation time regardless of what time you check it in.

When you select Options > Edit on a log entry it may take you to the users ledger where you can make the edit by selecting Options > Edit (to the right of the flight entry). You will be able to change the Pilot, Rate, Time, Date, and Meter Times here. Make sure to add a note to complete the edit.

Note: Editing & deleting in the Hours Log is limited to Super Admins only