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Upgrade Checklist


  1. Need to move users over? Great, we can do that for you! Either provide us with a CSV file of your users or give us your login credentials to your old system and we can get it for you. 
  2. We can send a mass password reset link out to all your users at once. This will provide them with a link and a temporary password for them to log in. 
  3. We can draft a mass email for you letting all your users know of the upgrade. 
  4. The morning of your “go live” date we can move all of your current and future reservations over. 
  5. Would you like to process Credit Cards directly in Flight Circle? It is a relatively quick and easy process. The bank we use has very competitive rates and fees. Anywhere from 1.0-2.9% and $14.95 a month. Flight Circle charges nothing extra for this feature. To learn more or get started, click here. 

We are here to ensure you a smooth and easy transition to your new system. Please let us know if you have any special requests or needs.