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Is there a way to manually edit the beginning and ending hobbs and tach on a flight if there is a mistake, or if an invoice is generated out of order?

If the starting meters are not correct, it typically is an indication of something missed, or entered incorrectly.  There are several options:

  1. Find the last flight checked in (see Hours Log).  For that user go to their account (Manage > Users).  For the aircraft rental charge use Options > Edit.  Here you can change both start and stop tach and hobbs values.
  2. If you cannot find the error, you can make a manual adjustment:  Manage > Aircraft > Options > Hours Log.  Make a new entry for type OTHER to adjust the meters as necessary.
  3. If a past flight needs checked in (very rare), check it in with incorrect values.  They will be wrong, but this gets the flight recorded.  Then, use step 1 above, to edit it to make it correct.
  4. Another way to log missed flights is to move the meter back to the out time you need:
    1. Manage > Aircraft > Options > Hours Log.  Make a new entry for type OTHER and enter a negative offset to move the meter back to the out time you need.
    2. Check in the flights like normal.
    3. Go back, and make a new positive OTHER adjustment to return the meter to current.
    4. (an example of this use would be logging missed maintenance time)
  5. We do have an option where you can always change the starting values of a Reservation, but do not recommend you use this.  By forcing the times OUT, no flight is ever missed or not billed out.

I forgot to check in a flight. The flight after already checked in, how do I fix this?

the next flight that flew has wrong times, fix that first.

  1. Go to the users account (Manage > User), ledger,  and find the flight. Options > Edit. Put in the correct times. Here you can change both start and stop tach and hobbs values. After edit, there will be an exclamation mark next to the old meter times on the ledger line. This shows there was an edit made and shows the old meter times for record. If you want to update the times to reflect the new ones select Options > Billing notes.
  2. If the previous flight did not have a reservation, make one for the day it was suppose to be on. Check it in. it does not matter here what you add for the tach and hobbs because you will manually adjust it after.
  3. Do step #1 for this person.

How do I charge out sales (use) tax for a flight?

First, setup taxes for the aircraft.  Go to Manage > Aircraft > (click one) > in the Taxes section, enter the rate (%) and agency you pay to (Eg. “Florida”, or “FL Dept of Rev”, etc).  Save.

In most States, aircraft rental for solo or not-training use is subject to use tax.  Since this varies by State and flight, we give you the option during check in to select what is appropriate for that flight.  On the last screen of check in, a checkbox will show “Apply aircraft tax?”.  Choose the appropriate option and it will automatically adjust the total due.

For convenience, you can set the check box at the end of check in to ON, OFF, or AUTOMATIC:  Manage > General Settings > Taxes (tab) > Apply Aircraft Tax?  Set it here.

How can I set someone to get email notifications when there is an aircraft maintenance reminder triggered, or a new squawk added?

You can set who gets email notifications for aircraft maintenance reminders, or when new squawks are added, at Manage > Notification Settings > Maintenance Reminders. Set either “Groups” of users, or individual users.  For outside persons that may not otherwise be associated with your Organization, still add them as a (basic) user so you can select them from the list.