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You can upload files to a Reservation: Edit a Reservation and select Files Tab > +New Files. This works great for Fuel Receipts! Basic users, instructors, and admin can only edit their specific file uploads. Only super admin can edit all file uploads. Only admin and super admin can create new Categories. Use the Files Report to see all files added.

In the user’s ledger, you can see the file(s) uploaded.

Pre/Post time for instruction on a new reservation

When Pre and Post time is added to a reservation the instructor’s ground time will auto pre-fill during check-in.

Recurring Reservations 

If you’re making a recurring reservation in a specific plane (Cessna172) you have the option to select Any (Cessna172). Instead of it making a backup reservation for you, if that plane is already booked, it will create a reservation in another 172 (if available).


On the last page of checkin, next to finish, you can select the down arrow menu to display shortcuts to other pages. If you have a favorite shortcut select the Remember choice box. If selected, it will automatically remember your favorite shortcut.

To Automatically send a billing email after checkin, you can configure it in your Notification Settings under Miscellaneous. If Yes is selected, it will automatically send. This pairs nicely with shortcut Finish and Stay on Schedule.

Maintenance Reservations 

By default, Admin can check in maintenance reservations. If you want instructors and/or basic users to be able to then select Yes for Maintenance in your Groups. Manage > Groups.

Once a maintenance reservation is checked in you will not be able to edit or delete it. ​The hours log is just for historical reasons of what changed when and by who.  So to make changes, just add a new entry.  If +1000 maintenance by mistake, then make a new entry -1000 maintenance to fix. You can make new entries in the Hours Log for the aircraft. Manage > Aircraft > Hours Log > +New Manual Entry. 

If you’re checking in a maintenance reservation early change the return time to free up the schedule for other flights.

If a mistake was made to a non-maintenance flight, or if an invoice is generated out of order you will be able to edit the beginning and ending hobbs and tach. Click here to learn more.

Click here to learn about Reservation Types.


RideShare allows two pilots to be on the same reservation. Please send in a request to support@flightcircle.com and we can turn this feature on for you.

There are two ways to checkin a flight for For RideShare.

  1. To split a check, check-in the flight like normal for the one user. Once checked in go to the user’s account and make a credit adjustment for half the bill. Then go to the second pilot’s account to make a debit adjustment to charge for the other half.
  2. On the first page of checkin, once you’ve added the new meter times, select Split. Note: If an instructor is on the reservation and hours need to be accounted for, use option 1. Option 2 does not record instructors’ time.

If users are allowed to checkin flights, the primary user will be able to checkin.

The flights will show up as individual flights on the Flights Report. The first pilot receives the first part of the flight (meter times). If the second pilot flew first there will need to be an edit to the reservation before checking in.

Backup reservations, we removed it as a Reservation Type to select while making a reservation. Now, if a reservation is made that is overlapping a primary one a prompt will appear asking the user if they want to make a Backup reservation.

  • In your Schedule Settings – Reservation Types, you will be able to add the groups who are allowed to use Backup (get the prompt). You could create a new Reservation Type like Backup* make sure is not just “Backup”. Then add the groups allowed to use. They then will be able to create Backup reservations. Keep in mind, this type of Backup* will not link to a primary reservation so if a primary one cancels the Backup* will not be promoted. For it to promote automatically the reservation needs to be made and prompt “Make Backup” selected.

If a reservation was checked in with the wrong instructor you will need to: 

  1. Delete ONLY the instructors portion out of the users ledger. Options > Delete.
  2. Create a new reservation (for the same date) with the right instructor and user (no aircraft) > Check it in.