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We rent our planes wet.  When a user purchases fuel away from the field, how do I credit their account?

We have a special adjustment just for fuel purchased away. On a users account click Adjustment at the top. Choose Fuel Reimbursement. The form collects basic details like gallons and location and dollars. Enter any dollar amount you like.  All this will tally on the report Fuel Reimbursements.

How do I change a user’s email?
Manage > Users > (click one) > Personal (tab) > Scroll down to the email.  Edit and save.  The user will get an email notifying them of the new login.  Here you can also reset their password via the dropdown.
If a user’s email appears disabled/greyed out, it is an administrative user, or the email is used by more than one organization.  In this case, the email cannot be changed.  The user themselves can change their email when they login.  They click the name menu at the top right > Settings > Login Credentials.

You can always delete an account and add a new one with a different email.

How do I see when user’s insurance, flight review, or other expiring profile information may expire?

  • You can set these as Dispatch Checks at Manage > Schedule Settings > Dispatch Checks.  When enabled here, when you dispatch a reservation, the summary information will FAIL for the specific date.
  • The Users Report shows some expiring dates:  Reports > Users. Rows in red will highlight expired items.  Export the report for FAR more data and dates.
  • Users will receive an automatic email about 30 days prior letting them know about the expiration.  The company reply-to email address will receive a copy.
  • View and set these dates on the user’s profile:  Manage > Users > (choose one).  See Personal and Pilot tabs.

If I delete a user will record be kept of his/her account and transaction history? 

Yes, if you delete a user, it only moves them to the Deleted list. Manage > Users > Approved drop down box. All records are retained.

My user is no longer receiving email notifications from Flight Circle, what can I do? 

  1. On the user’s account > Personal tab > near email.. check to see if there is a message about their email bouncing. You can reset there. The user can also reset their bouncing email by going to the name menu top right > Settings > Login Credentials
  2. Ask them to check their notifications in settings. They will need to: Select their name in the far right corner > Settings > Notifications. Make sure their email is selected for each notification desired.
  3. Have them check their “Junk” and “Spam” folder to see if it may have landed there.
  4. Send them a password reset link. (They do not need to reset their password).
  5. Create a test reservation, add/edit/cancel, to see if they get the notifications.
  6. If they still are not receiving any emails have them contact their domain service provider support team.

Can I set a custom Affirmation message on Dispatch?

Yes, see Mange > Schedule Settings > Dispatch > “Affirmation Message. ” On Dispatch, the user will be required to check a box affirming the custom message you set.

A few examples would be: Weight & Balance, TFRs, Weather, & NOTAMS verified.

Does Flight Circle have any kind of informational read files that users would have to read before being allowed to check out a plane?

1)  You could use Messages to send a mass email to everyone with the details once. 

2)  At Manage > General Settings you could set “New Reservation Information” message.  When a new reservation is created and we send the email notice, this message will be included.

3)  Each aircraft has a profile page.  You could set details here, including links to POH, W&B, etc.  See Manage > Aircraft > Options > Edit.  Users can view the page from the schedule by clicking the aircraft name from the Horizontal or Vertical view.

Can I search a user by Company Name?

YES, Type in the search box, their name will appear. If you leave first, middle, and last name blank, then we use Company name. If you leave that blank, we use the email.

How do I add a new image logo in my General Settings? 

You first need to delete the current one you have. Then you will see the option to add a new one.

How can I see the changes made to a reservation? 

If you select the History tab on the reservation you will be able to see all edits made, by whom, what was changed, and the date and time.