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Instructor Rates

Set up all Flight Instruction rates and Ground rates in Manage > Instructors > Rate Setup.

Specify default instructor rates.  Either by instructor, aircraft, or group. Setup in their respective areas:

Manage > Instructors > (click one).

Manage > Aircraft > (click one) > Rate Setup (tab).

Manage > Groups > (click one).”

Then you can set which one is priority at Mange > Instructors > Rate Setup.

The order of the list for each category Flight Instruction and Ground Instruction defines the order in which the Instructor rate will be used during check in. 

Example: If it says Aircraft, Instructor, Group then during checkin, if Aircraft has a rate specified for Instructor, it will be used. If none, then it will check if the instructor has a rate specified. Then Group. Then if none, it will just use the first instructor rate.