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General Settings

General Tab

    Organizations Profile Information:

  • In your General Settings you can change/edit your Organizations details.

     Payment Types:

  • By default, only administrators and instructors have access to all payment types before configuring them.
  • To add a new custom payment type select +Payment Type
  • Add groups who are allowed to use that rate while making a payment. You may need to create a new group or edit pre-existing ones. To do so, go to Manage > Groups.
  • Card payment type requires that card processing be enabled for your account. If card processing is not enabled, this payment option will not be displayed to anyone. Click here if you would like to get started with credit card processing.
  • Apple Pay is enabled for all customers who have credit card processing enabled in their account. This requires the user to use Safari from a computer, or iPhone.  It is only available for My Account payments or during checkin.  It is not available from a user’s account > Payment.
    It also requires the FBO/Organization to be using Card Connect (NOT Blue Pay). If you need to upgrade from Blue Pay to Card Connect please let us know. It is an easy transition. Apple Pay also works from any of the new Bolt terminals.

Note: All payments, with their type, will be shown in the Payments Received Report.

Tip: Drag and Drop for order of display!

       Credit Cards: 

  • If you will be accepting credit cards, here you can add what type of cards you will be accepting. You also have the option to automatically add a surcharge to all credit card transactions.


  • Weather Link: By default, we add https://www.windy.com/KAPF <– but with your airport identifier. You can change this to a custom link. Example: http://www.weather.com/weather/tenday/29649. Make sure to include your location details like city & zip, etc.
  • Configure Late Fees: First create the Item for the late fee with the price. Manage > Items. Then select Configure Late Fees in your General Settings. Select your Item, Day of Month, and Minimum Balance.
  • Squawk Manager – You have the option to enable or disable. If you enable your users will be able to see and change the status of all squawks.
  • Billing Message – The message you choose to add here will be displayed in the email message sent when sending billing.
  • New Reservation Information: The message you choose to add here will be displayed in the email message they get once a reservation is created.

          Taxes Tab

  • This is only for taxes that apply to ALL sales. E.g. airport tax. If this is Enabled it will apply to all Items, including Recurring Charges. To setup sales tax see the Aircraft or Items individual setup pages.
  • You can create new taxes to apply.
  • Apply Aircraft Tax (on check-in)? Set to Automatic if you want taxes to default OFF when there is an instructor attached to the reservation, or if the user is Certificate Student.

Subscription Tab 

  • Here you can add/update your card for your subscription!