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Back-end only toggle to prevent Item rate change when adding/editing a charge on a user’s account. Let us know if you want to edit an items price without it affecting the recurring charge that has been applied to the users account or Group.

To assess an on-going fee (such as monthly membership dues, etc,  first create an Item to sell: Manage > Items > + New Item.  Enter a name like “Membership Dues”, set the Price, change Taxable to No if it does not apply, and save the Item.

There are a few ways to charge this out…

By Group:  The easiest method is to apply charges to a Group of users.   Create a Group and charge the fee to all users in the Group:

  1. Manage > Groups > + New Group. Create one like “Members” and save it (or use an existing Group)
  2. Click the Group to edit
  3. Click “Add Recurring Charge” at the bottom
  4. Choose the Item you created, how often (eg. Monthly), and set Quantity to 1
  5. Click Add Charge and Save

Each period (eg. Monthly) the charge will be added to all users in that Group

By User: Instead of charging a Group of users, you can set recurring charges by individual user:

  1. Manage > Users > (click someone)
  2. Click Charge button at the top
  3. Choose the Item you created, how often (eg. Monthly), and set Quantity to 1
  4. Click Add Charge

ONE-TIME: If you want to apply a one-time charge to a Group of users (eg. shared cost of plane purchase, etc):

  1. Manage > Users > (click anyone)
  2. Click Charge button at the top
  3. Select the Item
  4. Click the small dropdown arrow at the bottom right on the “Add Charge” button > Apply to More Users
  5. In “Apply to accounts”, choose the Group or All Users you want to add the charge to Click Add Charge

Auto Pay:  The above will assess the account, the fee.  To automate collection of the payment, consider using Auto Pay to automatically charge one’s credit card.  Learn more here.

Discovery Flights 

Do you want to charge a flat fee for Discovery Flights? First, make sure you have a $0 rate for aircraft and instructors. Second, Make sure your item is created.

When you go to check-in the flight add the flight time and the $0 rate. On the second page, add your Discovery Flight item. Make sure to also add the $0 rate for instructor. Their time will be accounted for.


Do you want to include flying credits in your membership dues? First create your Item, once that Item is created select it and go to the blue Contract tab.

Want to bill someone a lesser amount when they commit to a lot of time in a plane and pay upfront? Sell Block Rates! Create your Contract just the same but with no expiration date.

Once the item has been applied to the user in their ledger or group, Contract will default for payment method at the end of check in:

Once a flight has been completely checked in there will be an adjustment in their ledger, applying their Contract.

Web Sales 

Once your done creating an Item you can set it up to sell online! Visit the Web Setup tab.

Manage > Items > Select item > Web Setup tab.

Once you’ve configured all your settings you can copy and paste your direct link into your website for instant sales.

You must have credit card processing set up before you can access this tab.

A lot of our customers sell flights from their website.  It allows a non pilot / non customer to fully select, schedule, and pay online. It creates the user, collects and posts the payment, and notifies them and you via email.  

If you are interested, please contact us for more details. We can help you set this up as well as create an example item for you to sell.

Select which instructors to use for web sales 

Go to Manage > Items > Select an item > Web Setup tab.  Near the bottom, note the option to choose Instructors.

-By default, ALL will be used, if none specified. 

Want to add coupon codes? Use Groupon, Amazon Local, Living Social, randomly generated (for your gift certificates), etc. Use for third-party booking such as hotel group, sales agent, or referral tracking.

Manage > Items > Web Setup Tab > +New Code. 

With flexible options you can set them to skip the entire payment all together, require a password, one time use or on-going, etc.